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How to parenting a child with ADHD?

parenting a child with adhd

Hyperactive guys are distinguished by impulsiveness, the inability to sit in one place, the variability of interests. The parents themselves, sometimes misinterpreting the behavior of their beloved child, begin to make mistakes that aggravate the situation. Therefore, moms and dads need to know how to properly raise a hyperactive child.

Causes of hyperactivity

Child hyperactivity is a behavioral development disorder. In medicine, this feature is called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Doctors believe that the reason for this deviation is the unfavorable development of children inside the mother’s womb, as well as difficult childbirth in a woman.

Other reasons contributing to the fact that the baby becomes hyperactive include:

  • Fetal brain damage in the last stages of pregnancy, during childbirth, as well as in the first weeks after the baby is born;
  • Taking by a pregnant woman potent drugs, sleeping pills, and hormonal drugs;
  • Birth by cesarean section;
  • Brain dysfunctions of a minimal nature in a baby;
  • Some disorders that have occurred in an infant in infancy;
  • Pregnancy of a woman, proceeding with complications, severe toxicosis, infections, and frequent stress.

Such disorders affect the mental development of the child. The kid, maybe, would like to behave well and obediently, but cannot do it. The risk group also includes babies who are bottle-fed from birth, as well as those born prematurely and with low weight.

Sometimes heredity becomes a provoking factor. If someone in the family was characterized by increased anxiety and excitability, then there is a risk that the baby will also face hyperactivity.

How to know if your child is hyperactive?

You can recognize hyperactivity in your child by the characteristic signs. In one-year-old babies, disturbances in the rhythm of gross motor skills and coordination of movements are noticeable. At two years, there is a delay in the development of speech. The kid can say his first words, and then shut up and try to explain himself through gestures.

You can independently determine the baby’s hyperactivity by the following symptoms, which are characterized by systematic manifestations:

  • Fussiness and restlessness;
  • Inattention and developmental delay from peers;
  • It is difficult for a baby to sit in one place without doing anything;
  • The child’s movements are not coordinated and sometimes clumsy;
  • There are various sleep disturbances;
  • On the part of behavior, impulsivity, and unpredictability are observed.

Critical age

Hyperactivity is most pronounced between the ages of three and six. The child’s behavior becomes unbearable at times. He does not accept comments from parents. The baby begins to have problems communicating with peers. The situation improves only by the age of 12 when the signs of hyperactivity are gradually smoothed out.

Do I need to go to the doctor?

With increased hyperactivity of the baby, it is worth contacting a pediatric neurologist. If the behavioral deviation is not corrected, then its symptoms can then pass into adulthood, negatively affecting the construction of a career and family relationships.

The pediatric neurologist prescribes the following drugs:

  • Vitamin complex;
  • Nootropics;
  • Phytopreparations.

Drug treatment will help eliminate the accompanying unpleasant symptoms in the child associated with a physiological change in the state.

How to deal with a child with ADHD?

In addition to drug therapy, the doctor will prescribe a behavior correction for the baby’s parents. It:

  • Avoiding too high demands on the child;
  • Compliance with the daily routine;
  • Frequent praise of the baby;
  • Acquaintance of the kid with social norms in a playful way.

Parents should try to create situations for the child in which he can show his strongest sides. For this, it is better to use various games in which physical activity is combined with moments of a calm state.

Swimming, modeling, dancing helps to correct the behavior of a hyperactive child. But drug treatment is also indispensable.

How to bring up an active “fidget”?

In educational measures, you should not break the child, you need to try to negotiate with him. One should try not to pay attention to negative actions. This is what the child wants.

All inner strength will be directed to stay in a state of calm. But during pranks, the baby can just learn the bulk of the information.

Understand the features

Parents need to try to understand the specifics of the behavior, psychology and physiology of a hyperactive child. Children with this trait have problems with the vestibular apparatus and blood circulation. A change in posture or active movement helps to cope in such a situation.

Given the increased excitability of the nervous system, it is difficult for a baby to focus on one thing. And if he starts being naughty, then he can no longer stop. No prohibitions apply to him. Parents should understand that the baby behaves this way only because he has natural physiological characteristics.

Set rules

Although it is quite difficult for a hyperactive baby to control his actions, this does not mean that his parents should allow him absolutely everything. Such children should know that there are some rules and a strict daily routine. Therefore, parents need to develop a special schedule that will specify the time for all activities and their sequence.

Manage energy discharge

A hyperactive child has a lot of energy. And it needs to be directed towards a peaceful channel. To do this, parents should come up with various activities and useful games for their child. It can be a little housework, sports sections. At the same time, it is important to dose the load so that the child does not overwork. Otherwise, in a weakened state, he may become uncontrollable.

Remove irritants

Children with hyperactivity need to create a calm environment. To do this, you need to give up active games before bedtime, it is advisable to make the baby’s room in pastel colors. Items and toys that will distract him should be removed from the baby’s field of vision. You should not gather noisy companies at home and you should not arrange too large-scale holidays with a large number of people. The kid should be in a narrow circle.

What to do in case of hysterics?

If a hyperactive child has a tantrum, and he ceases to hear others, parents can simply go to another room. Then the baby, having lost the existing audience, will gradually calm down.

You can try to switch the child’s attention to an interesting cartoon or a new toy. It’s a good idea to invite him to play an active game, for example, catch-up. It is also helpful for your baby to make a soothing tea or warm sweet water.

To subsequently avoid the hysterical state of your child, you need to strengthen his nervous system. For this it is useful to make baths with the addition of valerian herb.

Possible parenting mistakes

The most important mistake parents make when raising a hyperactive baby is ignoring such a deviation. The main mistakes made by moms and dads include:

  • High expectations from the child;
  • Too strict requirements for development and training;
  • Increased custody of the baby.

Hyperactive kids are naughty. Discipline is not for them. They are indifferent to both praise and punishment. They are easily distracted by third-party things, without finishing the job they have begun.

If the parents are too strict and demanding of their child, or, conversely, overprotect him, then the baby grows up as an anxious and hyperactive child. It also happens that recently mom and dad allowed everything, and then suddenly they began to prohibit indulging. Then he can painfully perceive such abrupt transitions in educational methods.

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