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The most effective diet plan for overweight child

overweight child diet plans

Childhood obesity has reached unprecedented proportions. In the new century, a generation of infertile people with diabetes mellitus, weak skeletons, and endocrine disorders is expected. If your beloved child needs to lose weight, then a special diet for children will come to the rescue. How to feed the child?

How to put a child on a diet?

Your example is contagious. Everyone knows this saying, but not every parent is willing to honestly follow a child’s weight loss diet. Deception is revealed sooner or later. Also, it will not work to teach one child to eat right if a brother or sister eats completely different foods. All family members will have to go on a children’s diet.

The second point is motivation. No need to scare you with scary pictures of fat children from the Internet. For very impressionable children, this will become stress, self-esteem may decrease, the child will feel like an inferior person. It is wiser to build motivation for health, attractiveness, and success. Some children, especially girls, may be attracted to the opportunity to go on vacation or buy the thing they love.

The dangers of poor diets

As the child grows, all systems of the body are formed, therefore a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates should be supplied. If there is not enough building material, growth and synthesis will be disrupted. Therefore, in no case should you follow a low-calorie diet.

Why are they dangerous:

  • Disrupt the work of internal organs, systems;
  • Reduce immunity;
  • Deprive the child of energy;
  • Provoke overeating, breakdowns;
  • Contribute to the appearance of visceral fat (obesity of internal organs).

A diet for children should meet all the needs of the child’s body. When calories come from the right foods, they won’t be stored in body fat.

How does a child eat if no one is at home?

The cause of childhood obesity is often not hidden in society. Employment of parents and a cult of food give rise to malnutrition. It is easier for a child to eat cookies or a bun after school, eat crackers, satisfy hunger with a sandwich and other similar products. They are rich in fast carbohydrates, instantly saturate, but after an hour or two, the body again requires food. As a result, in a few hours, the child gains daily calories, plus snacks at school, and then dinner with his family. Parents wave their hands in surprise, “he/she eats very little, but for some reason, he is getting better.”

If the family is instilled in the principles of proper nutrition, then no diet for losing weight is required for children. A schoolchild after school in the afternoon should eat a full meal, only once, not engage in biting. In this case, it will not work to exceed the daily calorie content and gain weight with all the desire. Therefore, the first step for parents is to eliminate junk food.

Garbage products

Here is a list of foods that kids love. But it is from them that they get fat, nutritionists informally call all this “junk food”. It provides nothing but empty calories and nutrient deficiencies. Even a child who eats well against the background of such nutrition weakens the immune system, he is often sick, lethargic, irritability may be present. The diet for children requires the complete elimination of junk foods.

List of the most harmful foods:

  • Chips, snacks, crackers, instant noodles;
  • Lemonade, reconstituted juices;
  • Sausages, sausages, bacon, smoked meats;
  • Low-quality chocolate, multi-piece sweets with fillings;
  • Energy drinks, drinks with caffeine;
  • Margarine, palm oil products;
  • Hot dogs, fries, hamburgers, and other fast food.

Mood swings are also common in children who eat these foods. They are attributed to sharp fluctuations in blood glucose levels. A child with a portion of fast carbohydrates cheers himself up, but soon sugar also drops rapidly, the body requires a new portion. Such a swing leads to serious violations. They are especially dangerous at the age of 10 years and older, a diet for a child, in this case, becomes a necessity.

Menu compilation rules

A good children’s diet is based on the general principles of good nutrition. The diet is based solely on natural products. All food with hot spices, a lot of salt, glutamate, dyes are excluded.

Basic rules when drawing up a menu:

  • Fractionality. A brutal appetite must not be allowed. Children’s correct diet consists of at least five meals with an interval of 2.5 hours;
  • A sufficient amount of protein. There is 1 g per kilogram of weight, that is, for a child weighing 35 kg, 35 g of protein is required. The main sources are beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy products;
  • Protein dinner. You do not need to add porridge or potatoes to the cutlet, but you can add fresh or stewed vegetables to it;
  • Full breakfast. It should contain complex carbohydrates and a small serving of protein. Also in the morning, you can eat something sweet, some kind of pastry. Better not to mix with your first breakfast, leave it for a snack;
  • A lot of fiber. It prevents hunger, promotes satiety, and accelerates weight loss, is found in vegetables, beans, cereals;
  • Minimum sugar. These are not only about sweets and lollipops, but also sweet fruits, dried fruits, yogurts with fillings. These foods can be used as additives, such as sprinkling a spoonful of raisins into porridge.

As for the calorie content of the diet for overweight children 8, 10 years old, it is approximately equal to 1500 kcal per day. But a lot depends on personal data, growth, activity. 1200 kcal is enough for one girl, and 1500 is not enough for her classmate. It is important for weight loss not to make a large deficit, 20% is enough. In this case, the weight will go away slowly, without harm to health, it will not come back.

What are the best ingredients for your menu?

In order not to have to cook purchased dumplings on the run or brew instant noodles, you need to fill the refrigerator with the right products in advance.

What should be in the diet from 7 to 14 years old:

  • Meat, fish, poultry of low-fat varieties without skin and lard, in the absence of allergies, sometimes seafood is possible;
  • Eggs, yolks, no more than two pieces per day, proteins in any quantity;
  • Vegetables of all kinds, mixed frosts in winter;
  • Berries and fruits with a small amount of sugar, infrequently;
  • Nuts, vegetable oils, seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin);
  • Useful cereals (buckwheat, pearl barley, millet, oatmeal). Rice, pasta, semolina are prohibited;
  • Low-fat meat, vegetable, fish broths;
  • Low-fat dairy products, up to 30 g per day of cheese.

You can adjust the diet of any average family. If vegetables are more to your taste, then casseroles, stews, salads are prepared from them. Meat lovers can pamper seven cutlets, goulash, chops. But it is better to stick to the golden mean so that the child’s body receives all the necessary substances. Below is a balanced diet for a child of 8, 10, 12 years old with overweight, in the menu for the week there are all meals from permitted products.

Approximate diet menu for a week for an overweight child

It offers a full menu, but with one course per lunch. This is done so that the baby’s stomach gradually shrinks. Do not add compote or other drinks to it. A full portion of borscht or soup is enough, after a couple of hours, you can have an afternoon snack.

The same diet is suitable for children 9 years old, 7, 14 years old, you just need to conjure up a little with the portion sizes, daily calories. In any case, the child should be full. Any bouts of hunger, especially outside the home, lead to eating disorders.

BreakfastBoiled egg, oatmeal with raisins, a glass of milkMuesli with milk, slice of cheeseOmelet with tomato, tea or cocoaPearl barley porridge with onions and carrots, eggBuckwheat porridge with milkPumpkin porridge with millet in milkOmelet of two eggs and milk, tea
LunchA couple of cheesecakes, teaCottage cheese casserole, compoteCottage cheese with nuts or seeds, fruit drinkHomemade ham slice, cereal bread, teaCarrot salad with cheese and sour creamMorse, a handful of nutsZucchini pancakes, sour cream
Afternoon snackAppleKissel, a couple of loavesVegetable smoothiesTomato juice, croutonsCottage cheese with prunesApplesauceMilk shake
DinnerChicken cutlet, stewed vegetablesSteamed fish, carrot salad with nuts and sour creamStewed vegetables with chickenBeef stew with vegetablesFish cakes, beet salad with sour cream and nutsPepper stuffed with meat and riceSteamed meat cutlet, cauliflower puree, greens

As a second dinner, fermented milk products are the ideal solution. For children 10 years of age on a diet, it is extremely important to consume natural yogurts with live bacteria. They are necessary for normal bowel function, assimilation of nutrients.

The menu for a week for a child of 7 years old with overweight on the diet also does not change, but at this age, steamy, boiled dishes should prevail, since the gastrointestinal tract is still not sufficiently strong, sometimes bloating, flatulence in response to fiber occurs. If this happens, then you need to show the child to a gastroenterologist, replace some of the raw vegetables and fruits with boiled, steamed counterparts.

How to prepare dietary meals for children?

It is very difficult to immediately switch from fried potatoes and sausages to proper nutrition. Children’s taste buds are clogged, they perceive only very salty, sweet food with pronounced aromas. A steamed cutlet or boiled broccoli will definitely not please.

Tips for preparing meals for a low-calorie children’s diet:

  • At first, it is advisable not to steam the food, but to fry it without oil, on the grill or bake it. The ruddy crust will delight, as well as enrich the dishes with taste, such dishes will better fit into the diet for adult children from 10 years old;
  • You can use healthy spices. These are turmeric, paprika, dried onions and garlic, various mixed seasonings, cinnamon, vanilla, and other spices. But it is important that the child is not allergic to them;
  • All kinds of sauces are allowed but cooked at home. A great alternative to mayonnaise would be sour cream with spices and garlic or white yogurt. Ketchup is easy to make yourself from tomatoes or tomato paste;
  • No need to exclude fats. They are especially necessary for overweight girls over 10 years old, there are nuts in the diet menu for a week, but seeds and vegetable oils will also be excellent sources, but you need to add them fresh, do not heat;
  • Add brightness. The dish should look attractive. You can decorate it with herbs, vegetables, berries, sprinkle with nuts. Perfectly changes the color of turmeric, beetroot, carrot juice.

Further, when the children’s diet becomes habitual, you can add more boiled, steamed, stewed dishes to the diet. They will not be perceived with such hatred as at the very beginning of the path.

How can a child get out of the diet?

Is it necessary? The diet is based on proper nutrition, you can stick to it all your life. The duration of children’s diets is at least a month. During this time, you need to teach your son or daughter not to overeat, enjoy simple foods and dishes, give up a lot of sweets and unhealthy snacks.

How to maintain results:

  • Engage the child with outdoor games, sign up for dances, sports clubs, in every possible way to maintain activity;
  • Monitor weight, conduct weekly control;
  • Make light dinners without carbohydrates, leave sweets and pastries for the morning;
  • 80% of food should be prepared using gentle dietary methods.

If you follow all these rules, the children’s low-calorie diet will no longer be needed. Weight will begin to grow only in a calorie surplus. If a person gets fat, regardless of his age, then the reason must be sought at the table.

Down with biting or healthy snacks

It is very difficult to disaccustom a child to chew cookies or gnaw something during the day. Therefore, it is important to keep only healthy snacks at home. The absence of harmful products will help to instill good habits, get used to different products, and be imbued with love.

What is recommended for snacking:

  • Unsweetened fruits. You can sometimes bananas with grapes, but at the time of losing weight, it is better to give preference to apples, citruses, seasonal berries. They should be present at home but in small numbers;
  • You can supplement the diet for modern children with healthy cereal bars, muesli, crispbread, and other ready-made products from the healthy nutrition department. Just do not forget about the calorie content and study the information on the package;
  • Homemade sweets. They can be made from soaked dried fruits, honey, nuts. A couple of things a day will not harm the figure;
  • Homemade puree from berries and fruits. Luxurious desserts full of vitamins are good for afternoon tea, but it is better to use it in the morning;
  • Cottage cheese, kefir. If you add dried fruits, berries, fresh fruits, then you get excellent protein snacks;
  • Nuts, seeds. It is important to consume a small amount, 30 g is enough for a child.

Even chips may be present in the weight loss menu for every day of the diet for a child of 9, 10, 12 years old. But you need to cook them from potatoes and in the oven. Without fat, this vegetable clearly does not harm, and salt and natural spices will add flavor to it. You can also introduce your child to carrot, curd chips.

Tips for parents

Basic recommendations for parents of overweight children:

  • From one candy a person will not gain 5 kg, but it is she who will launch a number of bad processes, provoke insulin surges, overeating, and wake up the taste buds. Therefore, it is better to treat the child with fruits, nuts, carrots;
  • On holidays, breakdowns occur not only among adults. It is important to switch to a diet for an overweight child immediately the next day, no need to continue eating harmful, prohibited, junk food;
  • The child should always have a healthy snack with him. There is no need to bet that the son/daughter will go to the store and buy a banana or an apple. Most likely, these will be croutons, chips, pie;
  • No need to force the child to play sports or active games when the parents are lying on the couch or sitting at the computer. Only your example is contagious.



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