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Is Margaret Brennan Pregnant?

margaret brennan pregnant

Margaret Brennan has been keeping ‘Face The Nation’ revived with her journalistic style for years. But what about her personal life? Is Margaret pregnant?

Margaret has managed to maintain people interested in her personal life just like her show. ‘Face The Nation’ has been running for nearly 30 years and has allowed people to deep dive into the latest issues. Amid this, Margaret is also keeping people in the loop with her personal life.

Is Margaret Brennan Pregnant?

Some people have been asking if ‘Face The Nation’ host is pregnant again. The answer is – Yes, Margaret is pregnant with her second kid. She opened up about her pregnancy in an Instagram post.

Sharing a picture of an onesie with ‘Face The Nation’ written on it, Margaret shared the happy news with her followers on December 23. She published, “Our facethenation household will expand in the year ahead 2021. I’m thrilled to share with you all that my family is expecting another baby boy to join us this spring.”

Margaret also wrote, “While the festivities will be forbidden because of the virus, we are cheerful that our baby is a sign of aspiration that the year ahead can be a bit brillant. Thanks to all of our FTN spectators for watching and supporting us as we strived to bring you all the latest on the problems affecting you and your family this past year.”

Many people were harried to felicitate the star on Instagram for the good news.

Margaret Brennan’s Personal Life Explored

Margaret is married to Ali Iyad Yakub. Ali is a lawyer and was a Marine veteran. Ali and Margaret first met at the University of Virginia in 1998. However, the pair turned their long friendship into romance in 2013. They got hitched in 2015 and welcomed their son Eamon.

The television reporter had earlier clarified that her son’s name paid respect to both their cultures. “We wanted to find a name that esteems both his Irish-American and Syrian-American heritage. Eamon means guardian in Irish and, while spelled differently, also means righteous in Arabic. We chose it long ago while traveling through Ireland on a road trip,” she divulged.




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