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Dealing with Difficult Teenage Sons

Dealing with Difficult Teenage Sons

Teenage is not an easy age to deal with, mainly because teenage boys have different issues than teenage girls. While dealing with a teenage son is even a much difficult task. The main reason behind the weird and challenging teenage behaviour is that they face some stresses and anxiety.

 Not only this, but they’re also going through some physical and mental changes, thus entering a new phase of life that is not acceptable for them at that time. They are struggling with the changes not at home but also at school and in public places. This stress tends them in behaving weird and irritated.

How to deal with difficult teenage sons?

When dealing with a difficult teenage son while considering his condition and mental stress, it is challenging to allow a considerable amount of patience and a calm temperament. Here are some of the critical points that can help you in not only dealing with them but also it will make your relationship with them more robust:

  • Don’t give your power away:

It is commonly observed that the teens try to irritate and make you angry to feel their authority and power over you. They will try to challenge you and tease you to lose your temperament and get furious. By doing this, they feel satisfied, and they feel like they can control anyone. This type of behaviour satisfies their ego, and they make this their habit of releasing their stress and anxiety.

The best way to deal with teen boys’ such annoying attitude is by controlling your temperament and staying regular. In this way, you can clearly show them that you are the one who has control over them and the house. In such situations, you should try to ignore them and their irritating behaviour and keep yourself chill and patient.

  • Boundaries should be clear between you two:

The foremost thing you should perform in your house is to make some boundaries and rules. Not only this, but you should make sure that these rules and boundaries should be followed correctly.

Whenever your teenage son will try to misbehave and act weird around you, try to remind him about the boundaries. Treating you with respect should be the prior rule. While being all stressed and uncomfortable around you or anyone in the house, remind him that he is bound to follow the boundaries you will set. Remind him that he has to treat you and the other people in the house with respect and manners. In this way, he may develop this habit of staying respectful no matter what mental situation he is going through.

  • Communication should be Assertive and Effective:

Besides all the control and boundaries in your house, you should also try to communicate assertively and effectively with your son. Adopting and the practical yet assertive way in your communication will remind him that you are the one who has a hold over the house and that he is bound to listen to you. A powerful way of communication will be the one in which you order him.

This will make him behave around you, and the situation and condition of your house will remain peaceful.

  • Empathy, along with humour:

When it comes to deal with a difficult teenage son, you might get aggressive as his attitude and actions would feel uncomfortable to you and your family. But this is not a time to become aggressive. As teenagers have mental stress, they are unable to understand emotions in the right way. They are not able to adapt and feel the emotions in the right way, just like adults. The perception of emotions for them is demanding and challenging.

It would help if you always treated your teenage son with empathy rather than rage and anger in such a situation. Try to smile at them whenever they are not okay. This will show them that you are there for their betterment and peace. Along with empathy, try to speak to them with a tiny bit of humour. The sense of humour and empathy from your side may help them forget their issues and smile along with you.

Empathy and humour are a good source for the treatment and dealing of a teenage son. This will show your concern, and also, the boy will feel safe and sound around you. In this way, you can make them comfortable, and they may open up to you about the issues and stress they are facing.

  • Give them a chance in solving problems:

The most significant step you can take for your difficult teenage son’s betterment is by rusting them and asking for their opinion. In this way, they will feel closer to you, and they might feel the love and care you have for them. By giving them a chance in solving problems in issues related to your house, they might get distracted from their issue and might start showing interest in their house.

  • Respect and Corporation is the primary key:

Besides all the tricks and tactics, the main and the foremost tip is to treat them with respect and coordinate with them. When you’ll listen to them and treat them with respect, you will show them they do matter for you, and they are also an essential part of your family. Try to corporate with them and listen to them; this will help them go through this challenging phase of their life; also, the relationship between you and him will grow stronger.


Dealing with difficult teenage sons is not as tough as it seems. You only have to treat them with kindness and respect, listen to them and ask them about the issues they are facing, helping them everywhere, and by reminding them that you are the one who will always be around them to help. This is an easy way by which your teen’s stress will decrease, and the relation between you will be enriched with trust, respect, and love.

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