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Learning from home! Best educational YouTube channels for kids

Learning from home! Best educational YouTube channels for kids

Home learning is an activity in which children learn on their own or with the help of elders. Children have a powerful environment to learn at home. They complete their activities with the cooperation of the family. Parents increase the level of achievement of a child by supporting him.

Principles of home learning

Home learning provides practice and boosts skills and knowledge that children learn in school. Home learning motivates the children and encourages interest and excitement to become long-time, learners. There should be an organization where the child would be enabled for personal responsibility and can make decisions. There are so many opportunities to develop skills in every expect of life at home. Child learning from home is always shared, valued, and has an appreciation in a variety of settings. All projects at home promote personalized learning.

Cooperation between children and their families is always appreciated for children’s learning. The relationship between home and school makes the children’s practice strong.

Role of parents

Parents and adults play important role in home learning. They are clear expectations for children to achieve their goals. From parents, children gain a positive direction-free environment to do work. They get benefits from the ability of parents to guide them.

Children discuss their matters with their parents to make the right decisions and to get good directions of living. Parents should discuss home learning with the class teacher to clarify any problem that is related to the home.

They should spend time with their children and try to understand their problems. They should not burden children to do anything. They should have good company with them. Their lifestyle should be friendly so that children can discuss any life issue with them freely.

Parents play a wonderful role in making society good or bad. If they play their roles positively then there would be peace in society but if they have negative roles then not only they but society also face so many issues and it is very difficult to live in such a society.

If the environment of home would be good from every expect then children would capture a good personality that always beneficial for all people. If parents don’t pay attention, understand children then they can choose unfair habits.

For example, child abuse, kidnapping, rape and statutory rape, larceny-theft, Burglary theft, motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault, robbery, and other many crimes are present because of parents recklessly. They should help children to have good company In school and society.

Quantity of home learning

Home learning is necessary to help the child to read, spell and write. It is also important to become confident in maths. It should follow each week pattern for a whole year to maintain all matters at home.

Parents can get guidance about the nature and quantity of work from the truthful book. In this way, they would be more accurately able to boost up their children. So that children would get their aims.

Parents should tell children the difference between right and wrong practices. They should give awareness to them about benefits of the right way and disadvantages of the wrong way.

Best educational YouTube channels for kids

The best educational channels from which kids can get true guidance are the following:


It is the best channel for kids. Kids get guidance from animated alphabet blocks which teach phonics and reading in short. This channel plays usually 5 to 12-minute videos. Through games and stories, kids get learning.

Sesame street

This channel is best for 1st-grade kids. Sesame Street teaches the kids to count and say the alphabet. Kids learn the kindness and properties of Sesame street.


The mathematics channel is best for 1 to 8-grade kids. It helps in Algebra to Pythagorean, Theorem to Decimal Arithmetic. It consists of a combination of math and animation. It teaches the kids through a funny learning process. There are several videos available on site more than 70. This channel plays videos of 9 to 13 minutes.


This channel is best for 1 to 3-grade kids. From this channel, kids learn through songs. By number lock, kids learn fractions, place values, and coins. It plays an important role in kid’s learning.

NatGeo kids

This channel is best for 1 to 6-grade kids. Kids get guidance about science through this channel. Kids get adventures with barbie and go for a trip behind the scenes of Explorer academy. They learn facts about the planet and several questions come to their mind about science. They accept challenges about science.

McGraw Hill Prek – 12

It is best for all ages and parents. It is initially designed for teachers. Parents can get guidance from this channel to help kids from science to literature. Which videos this channel plays are mostly animated about comparing and contrasting. kids get great help in reading through this channel.

Exercising Cosmic Kids Yoga

This channel is important for 6-grade kids. This channel has separate age exercises and guidance for kids. Kids learn from this channel to relax and enjoy the learning process.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is most beneficial for elementary. Kids learn to breathe deeply and create a calm and meditative state through meditation and sleep stories. It is the best channel for all people.

Family cardio

It plays an important role in elementary. Its video is about 13 minutes. It plays videos for the family through which they learn to work together and enjoy the company of each other.

Nursery Rhymes

It is a universal channel for kids. They learn from different interesting rhymes. This channel does not let them bore. This channel plays many beneficial videos for kids.

Craft and play cooking

This channel is best for 3 to 6-grade kids. Kids learn from kids. This channel plays videos in which kids make a meal. Kids can do different types of cooking. They can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner from getting guidance through this channel.

Science crafts and experiments

It plays an important role for 3-grade kids. This channel plays videos in which kids learn about science and become able to do experiments through the learning process.


This channel is best for elementary. Magic channel teaches easy magic tricks and kids impress their friends through their magics in school.




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